Manchester, or why I resurrect Streusel

In the fall of 2011 I went to South-Korea as an exchange student. I met some amazing, talented, crazy people, and even though drinking Tokyo’s green-blue-purple nuclear water made me explore the sanitation of the East quite frequently, I found the region incredibly fascinating.

At that time, I started blogging. I liked it. A lot. Yet the moment I returned to Europe, Streusel was dying a slow death. I still don’t understand why.  There was no option but to resurrect this blog (thanks once more for pushing me, Marlou). So here you go!

The oversized header suggests that I’m in Manchester at this very moment, and indeed I am. For a full-fletched program in Visual Anthropology, which made me redesign Streusel in such a way that it can be image-driven.  And how I hope it will be.

I could’ve blogged in a similar manner over the last year. For my MA graduation project I went to Seoul once more to wander around with my Fuji X100.  I didn’t, but I guess this is the right moment to do what I should’ve done.